EB-5 Timing Estimates

When will my I-526 petition be adjudicated? When can I expect a green card for conditional permanent residence?

These questions cannot be answered with certainty, but it is possible to calculate data-based estimates for petition processing times and visa wait times. For a small fee, Suzanne Lazicki will supply you with a customized timing estimate. The estimate can be for petitions already filed, or for a petition to be filed in the near future. The estimate will calculate average timing for a specific priority date and nationality based on available data for petition receipts, backlog, and adjudication volume. For questionable variables, the estimate is set up to allow modeling alternate assumptions. The estimate also provides data and discussion of factors in processing time variability. The model cannot predict for exceptional situations such as expedited petitions, petitions already outside normal processing times, or applications on 221(g) hold.

For regional center and project companies that are planning redeployment strategies, it’s helpful to predict when investors in the project will reach the visa stage. Given a list of investor nationalities and priority dates, Suzanne can calculate likely dates of visa availability. Email suzanne@lucidtext.com for a customized quote.

EB-5 Timing Estimate Service Process

  1. Fill out and submit the Service Request Form below.
  2. Make a secure payment using one of the Payment Options below.
  3. Within two days, you will receive an email from suzanne@lucidtext.com with a customized timing estimate. The estimate will include a spreadsheet with data and calculations, and a written explanation.
  4. Email suzanne@lucidtext.com to confirm that you received the estimate. If desired, discuss your follow-up questions with Suzanne via email, phone, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Service Request Form

Payment Options
Use the following links to make payment to Lucid Professional Writing for your desired service. You may pay using PayPal, or by using a credit or debit card without setting up a PayPal account. (The credit/debit card option appears in a light blue button below the PayPal sign-in option.)  Either way, the payment will be securely processed by PayPal.

Other Services

If you would like to consult with Suzanne Lazicki on other EB-5 topics, please email suzanne@lucidtext.com with your requests. She can provide written, documented answers to a variety of questions about EB-5 industry and policy developments over the years since 2009.

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