EB-5 Timing Estimates

When will my I-526 petition be adjudicated? When can I expect a green card for conditional permanent residence?

These questions cannot be answered with certainty, but it is possible to calculate data-based estimates for petition processing times and visa wait times. For a small fee, Suzanne Lazicki will supply you with a customized timing estimate. The estimate can be for a petition already filed, or for a petition to be filed in the near future. The estimate will be calculated from available data for petition receipts, backlog, and adjudication volume. The estimate does not rely primarily on the current USCIS processing times report or the visa bulletin, because individual wait times vary depending on when the EB-5 process started.

EB-5 Timing Estimate Service Process

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  3. Within two days, you will receive an email from suzanne@lucidtext.com with a customized timing estimate. The estimate will include a spreadsheet with customized calculations, and a written explanation.
  4. Optional: Discuss your follow-up questions with Suzanne via email, phone, Skype, or WhatsApp.

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Suzanne has no secret information — the facts behind her estimates are shared on this blog. In creating a customized estimate, Suzanne selects data relevant to your particular case, and considers timing factors specific to your priority date, nationality, and investment type. She then calculates a timing estimate based on these factors, and explains the calculation and underlying data and assumptions. The estimate will not be guaranteed, but will be based on Suzanne’s intimate familiarity with available statistics, and on her reading and thinking about the EB-5 process and trends. It will be objective, and supported by data that you can verify. If you would like to make your own estimate, visit the EB-5 Timing Page for resources.

Other Services

If you would like to consult with Suzanne Lazicki on other EB-5 topics, please email suzanne@lucidtext.com with your requests. She can provide written, documented answers to a variety of questions about EB-5 industry and policy developments over the years since 2009.