EB-5 Visa Usage by Country 2010

The U.S. Department of State has published their final visa usage statistics for FY2010. A total of 1,885 EB-5 visas were issued, with the following countries making up the Top 10:

  1. People’s Republic of China (772 or 40.9%)
  2. Republic of South Korea (295 or 15.6%)
  3. Great Britain/Northern Ireland (135 or 7.1%)
  4. Taiwan (94 or 5.0%)
  5. India (62 or 3.3%)
  6. Iran (55 or 2.9%)
  7. Mexico (50 or 2.6%)
  8. Canada (45 or 2.4%)
  9. Russia (41 or 2.2%)
  10. South Africa (34 or 1.8%)

Thanks to Peter Joseph at the IIUSA blog for tabulating these stats from the State Department’s master list. Several points of comparison with visa usage statistics from FY2009:

  • The top four countries by visa usage are the same as in 2009.
  • Iran and South Africa have moved into the top ten, and Mexico has moved up in the list, while Japan and the Netherlands dropped out.
  • USCIS issued 55% more EB-5 visas (4,218) in FY 2009 than in FY2010. According to investigation by IIUSA, this 2009 spike occurred because USCIS expedited EB-5 visa processing in advance of the 2009 program sunset date.
  • Although EB-5 visa issuance was down in 2010, the number of I-526 petitions filed in 2010 increased by 90% compared to the previous year.

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