Suzanne Lazicki launched blog.lucidtext.com in 2010 to communicate updates about the EB-5 program to her clients. The EB-5 program is complex and suffers from lack of transparency. Information tends to be difficult to find and tough to interpret. This blog addresses such challenges by collecting information that EB-5 users need to know and presenting it with care, clarity, and honesty.

Suzanne’s primary business is writing business plans for EB-5 petitions and applications (see her service website at http://lucidtext.com/). Her work requires intimate familiarity with EB-5 law and policy and awareness of trends within the EB-5 world. This blog shares a portion of the research and reading that she undertakes for professional development.

As an EB-5 service provider, Suzanne prioritizes information relevant to her clients – regional centers, project companies, and direct EB-5 investors. The blog exists as a writing sample and advertisement for her business plan service. Investors and project companies need complete information to make sound investment and planning decisions. Integrity and transparency promote the long-term health of the EB-5 program. This blog aims to provide material support for EB-5 decision-making and to promote what EB-5 can be: a program that builds business, creates jobs, and facilitates immigration by people willing to invest in the United States.

Benefit from this blog? Please support the effort behind it. As the EB-5 industry changes, your contribution can help preserve this space for conscientious and freely-available EB-5 reporting. Contributions go to Lucid Professional Writing, a for-profit business, to fund work on this blog. Thank you!

Suzanne Lazicki is a business writer and EB-5 expert. As owner of Lucid Professional Writing, Suzanne writes and reviews business plans for EB-5 investor petitions. She holds degrees in English and Business Administration, and worked for real estate, marketing, and investment companies in the United States and China prior to founding Lucid Professional Writing in 2009. Suzanne is an expert in EB-5 regulations and trends and in Internet-based market and industry research. She has prepared over 250 business plans for Regional Centers, project developers, and foreign investors. Her articles and presentations include the chapter on business plans in Immigration Options for Investors & Entrepreneurs, 3rd Ed. published by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Suzanne is based in Ogden, Utah.

Contact: suzanne@lucidtext.com (626) 660-4030

Service Website: www.lucidtext.com