RC initial proposal and I-485 processing

Yes, I did note that the USCIS list of approved regional centers was updated on 7/11 and 7/18, but not with any new centers. I spoke last week with a company that filed its application in November and just received an RFE. In the 6/30 EB-5 presentation, USCIS reported “target processing time” of 4 months and “current processing time” of 4.5 months for RC initial designation proposals. However Sasha Haskell clarified on the call that by “processing time,” USCIS means the time the proposal waits before review starts, not the time to complete review. She said that “turnaround times” are too case-specific to estimate, but I can estimate 7-9 months based on my recent observation of RC initial proposal processing.

The USCIS Office of Public Engagement announced today the availability of new performance data for a number of petitions, including the I-485 (which is the follow-up to I-526 for EB-5 investors who are currently in the US on a different visa). Here is a summary of the data reported so far for employment-related I-485.

I-485 Employment Application Data
Approvals Denials Pending
2009 16,496 5,310 30,652
2010 19,841 4,752 20,243
2011 (Q1 & Q2) 6,551 1,544 3,810

Source: USCIS

I’m not sure how to read this data.  The file doesn’t provide “receipt” data for the employment-related I-485, and doesn’t clarify what the “pending” column means.  It could appear that a whole bunch of pending petitions disappeared between 2010 and 2011, but I’ll assume that’s not the case.

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