Form I-924A due 12/29

UPDATE: See my 2015 I-924A Reminder post for the latest information.  (The post below is from 2011.)

Approved regional centers should should start thinking about the annual reports to USCIS that they’ll be filing with the Form I-924A. (Click here for the form and instructions).

The Form I-924A, Supplement to Form I-924, is the Form for approved regional centers to use for the yearly RC reporting requirement in 8 CFR 204.6(m)(6). Each approved RC is now required to file the I-924A to report RC-related activities for the preceding fiscal year within 90-days of the end of the fiscal year (on or before December 29th of the calendar year in which the fiscal year ended.) The filing of Form I-924A will be required for all approved RCs for Fiscal Year 2011 on or before December 29, 2011.

Update: see the I-924a Questions and Answers published on 12/06/11 by USCIS

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