I-924 Processing Times and RFE Template

The USCIS EB-5 Regional Center page has been updated as of 06/25/2012 with yet longer actual case processing times for the I-924. With so many points having to be judged “on a case-by-case basis” and in consultation with the experts, application review will naturally be time-consuming.

Processing Time
 Target Case
Processing Time
 Actual Case
Processing Time
 I-924 Initial Application  4 months   9 months
 I-924 Amendment Application  4 months   10 months

Also, Joseph Whalen has kindly posted an EB-5 plan assessment template showing language and format typical of I-924 Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny. Thinking about the potential RFE before you file your application may help you avoid common problems and possibly reduce those processing times.

Processing times for the I-526 and I-829 are regularly updated at the USCIS Processing Time Information page (search by California Service Center Processing Dates).  Processing times  as of 4/30/2012 are 8 months for I-526 and 6 months for I-829.

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Suzanne Lazicki is a business plan writer, EB-5 expert, and founder of Lucid Professional Writing. Contact me at suzanne@lucidtext.com (626) 660-4030.

4 Responses to I-924 Processing Times and RFE Template

  1. Joe Whalen says:

    I would not say that USCIS typically uses it even though it follows the basic pattern that they have posted in recent RFEs templates for comment. I did use this approach as an adjudicator, and do still follow this approach in assessing plans, but have no clue what the agency does now. You and folks like you (with heavier caseloads) probably have better 1st hand knowledge than me.

    • This approach is similar to what I see now. Since RFEs seem to be the major forum for handing down guidance these days, I have been considering adding a page to my site that would publish instructions appearing in multiple recent RFEs. But then people might rely on this info as official guidance when USCIS perhaps intentionally doesn’t release the instructions because it wants flexibility to change and respond to case-specific situations. To take a specific example, most applicants unfortunately don’t know what USCIS expects to see in the NAICS codes until they receive an RFE, but I have noticed the RFE instructions regarding NAICS codes change over time.

  2. Philip Salisbury says:

    What is recent experience with I-485 approval times. The times shown on the UCSIS database would lead one to believe about 18 months, but other sources indicate 4 months. My application is 4 months and waiting

  3. Philip Salisbury says:

    Any comments from anybody about the posted I-485 CSC times which never seem to progress? Its still showing 8 March 2011 like it did last month.

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