New Regional Centers (GA, SC, WA)

The USCIS list of approved regional centers has added two new entries.

Georgia & South Carolina
USHoldings Regional Center (

Tri-Cities Investment District, LLC  (
Geographic Scope: Washington Counties of Benton and Franklin
Investment Focus: Loans and equity investments to 3rd party enterprises in the NAICS categories of residential building construction (2361), commercial building construction (2362), lessors of real estate (5311), room and boarding houses (7213), and hotels and motels (72111).

(Note: See my Regional Center directory page for my most updated listings for all RCs. And please email me if you would like to provide additional information regarding your RC.)

It’s great to see I-924 applications getting approved!

About Suzanne (
Suzanne Lazicki is a business plan writer, EB-5 expert, and founder of Lucid Professional Writing. Contact me at (626) 660-4030.

2 Responses to New Regional Centers (GA, SC, WA)

  1. Joe Whalen says:

    I noticed that “TEA” is a blank page on their website and don’t see much hope for a TEA in the area as they describe it. That’s OK, there should be more FULL $1,000,000.00 investments. I see that as a natural progression in EB-5. As demand outstrips supply, prices always go up and EB-5 is no different. In fact, I am glad to see such a potential come to fruition! That is, if that the reality of THIS RC’s situation.

  2. Sorry for the error — Tri-Cities Investment District in included in a State Certified TEA and the Exemplar Approved Project is located within the TEA as well. We will make sure the correction is made — thank you for pointing it out.

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