New RCs (CA, CT, DC, GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, NC, NH, NJ, NV, NY, PA, RI, VA, WA)

I’ve been busy recently and haven’t had news to break, but will emerge from the pile of paper on my desk to post my usual update of newly approved Regional Centers (which continue to redefine what qualifies as “focus on a geographic region”). For detail on what else has been said and done in EB-5 world over the past few weeks, I recommend you to Also note that the June 2014 Regional Center Business Journal (online at has some excellent content, including an article unraveling the intricacies of New Market Tax Credits and their potential in combination with EB-5, an article on Targeted Employment Area data changes, an article on how to approach escrow and fund administration if a broker-dealer will be involved in the offering, and an article that summarizes analysis by yours truly of 2013 Regional Center approval letters.  EB-5 Investors Magazine ( Spring 2014 edition is also very interesting. I question the information and conclusions in a few of the articles, but overall the publication is thought-provoking and substantial, with Meyer & Peng’s article on Due Diligence and Dual Representation in EB-5 Cases being particularly worth a read. Also, I can’t help smiling every time I look at the cover. Both these publications are rather tough to read online, but are available in print.

Additions to the USCIS Regional Center List, 7/8/2014 to 7/29/2014

  • Cal Pacific RC LLC (California)
  • SPG Regional Center, LLC (California)
  • EB5 Regional Center of America LLC (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York): www.
  • Northeast Regional Center, Inc. (Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia): www.
  • EB5 Affiliate Network State of Georgia Regional Center, LLC (Georgia):
  • Tur Partners Metropolitan Regional Center, LLC (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin):
  • Nevada Investment Regional Center, LLC (Nevada)
  • L&L New York Regional Center, LLC (New Jersey, New York)
  • New York Green Hotel Regional Center LLC (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York)
  • Carolina Growth Regional Center, LLC (North Carolina)
  • Pacific Northwest Investment RC, LLC (Washington State)
  • Seattle Area Regional Center, LLC (Washington State):
  • Name change from Utah High Country Regional Center to Golden Lamp Regional Center, Inc. (Utah):

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Suzanne Lazicki is a business plan writer, EB-5 expert, and founder of Lucid Professional Writing. Contact me at (626) 660-4030.

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  1. Joe Whalen says:

    It is good to have you back, Suzanne!

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