EB-5 for real estate projects, New RCs

Roadmap to EB-5 as Financing for Real Estate Projects
IIUSA has posted a working draft of a paper by Professor Jeanne Calderon and Gary Friedland, Esq. of the NYU Stern Center for Real Estate Finance Research. (Update: the link now directs to the final 5/24/2015 version.)“A Roadmap to the Use of EB-5 Capital: An Alternative Financing Tool for Commercial Real Estate Projects” is a good resource for real estate people exploring the EB-5 option and looking for practical information about the program and detailed examples of how businesses have used EB-5. The authors confess the difficulty of researching this paper, and I think they occasionally put too much face value on claims by agents or Regional Centers about the greatness of their projects and wisdom of their strategies, but overall this is a very solid resource and provides useful guidance, particularly for EB-5-newcomers. I will link the paper on my Resources page and make an update when the authors publish a final draft.

New Regional Centers
Additions to the USCIS Regional Center List, 2/23/2015 to 3/4/2015

  • Regional Center Fund of America LLC (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia): www.rcfamerica.com
  • Shrimp House US LLC (Florida)
  • Heartland Regional Center, LLC (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania)

Removed from the list 2/23/2015 – 2/25/2015

  • Buffalo Regional Center (New York)
  • Silicon Valley Venture Investment Regional Center (California)
  • Tucker Development Corporation Regional Center (Michigan)

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