USCIS EB-5 Communication Protocols

USCIS has added a new page called EB-5 Resources to the EB-5 section of its site. So far, the page posts training materials on “EB-5 Protocols” that deal with procedures for and strict limitations on stakeholder communication and senior intervention in adjudications. These protocols are necessary to preserve the appearance of integrity and fairness in adjudications (welcome) and to protect the dignity and power of midlevel civil servants, regardless of (in)competence (less welcome). Sir Humphrey Appleby would approve.

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3 Responses to USCIS EB-5 Communication Protocols

  1. Shehryar Iqbal. says:

    No wonder they keep on giving a 30 day period before performing a follow up inquiry. The protocol has given them the immunity to take as long as they want. I submitted my RFE on the 29th March 2015 and it has been 8 months since I have yet to receive any news on my case.
    Despite sending various request and even getting the Senators office involved they are determine not to give any information on my case.
    Applying for a EB-5 visa seems to be the biggest mistake that I have done so far. I didn’t had any idea that once your file is with the USCIS they can take as long as they want.
    If anyone has any information on this I shall be very grateful.
    Priority date : 2/11/2014.
    RFE for source of funds received : 2/5/2015.
    RFE submitted on : 3/29/2015.
    No answer till date – As of 11/14/2015

    • I am sorry to hear of your frustrating experience, and hope that you’ll hear a response soon. I wonder if you have tried this avenue: But your attorney should have the best advice on how often and when and how it’s wise to push USCIS.

      • Shehryar Iqbal. says:

        Thanks Suzanne for your message. Yes, indeed you are right in regards with being wise on how much to push the USCIS in this regard. As per the case assistance my attorney advised me to wait till the end of the month as we have had two Senator’s office’s done inquiries on my behalf. The IPO keeps on saying that it is pending with the office !? We really don’t know what to expect ? Is this normal ? Are they really back logged that far ? Is it a background check that is taking too long ? Is the adjudicating officer ? Have they even started to review the RFE that was sent ? I really wished if we can only know what’s going on.
        Any comments are welcomed.

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