Short-term RC extension by CR?, New RCs

Regional Center Program Authorization Update
Congress now has just seven working days before the Regional Center program sunsets, and substantive reform/re-authorization bills are not even out of committee. We’re now pinning our hopes on temporary extension as part of a continuing resolution (CR). Today the Senate took a step in this direction, releasing its proposal for a CR that would extend current funding levels for the federal government through December 11, 2015 and reauthorize the EB-5 Regional Center program for the same period. See the IIUSA news release for further detail. We hope that the House follows the Senate’s lead, and that the Regional Center program won’t be allowed to lapse on September 30th.

New Regional Centers
Even as the Regional Center program’s future hangs in the balance, new Regional Centers continue to be approved.
Additions to the USCIS Regional Center List, 09/08/2015 to 09/21/2015

  • Baypointe EB5 Regional Center, LLC (Alabama):
  • Amaxi Regional Center, LLC (California):
  • Summit Regional Center (California)
  • FP Advisors LLC (Colorado)
  • EB5 Florida Real Estate Regional Center, LLC (Florida):
  • Liberty Kansas Regional Center (Kansas and Missouri)
  • Queensfort Capital Massachusetts Regional Center, LLC (Massachusetts):
  • Mid America Investment Group, LLC (Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee)
  • Big Apple Regional Center (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
  • NatureAll Co., Inc. EB-5 Regional Center (New Jersey):

FYI: The FOIA reading room on the USCIS website, which rarely gets updated, has a new file called FY2014 Regional Center Termination Notices. Don’t get excited, however, unless you’re just interested in the form of termination notices, since the reason for termination is neatly and completely redacted from each letter.

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  1. This is not ACFI’s designation letter

    Click to access americas-center-for-foreign-investment-rc.pdf

    Our designation letters are posted under the “About Us” tab at

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