2/2 Senate Hearing Detail

If you are involved in the regional center program, you should review what happened today in the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on “The Failures and Future of the EB-5 Regional Center Program: Can it be Fixed?” We heard testimony from IPO Chief Nicholas Colucci and SEC Division of Enforcement Associate Director Stephen Cohen, statements by Senators Grassley, Leahy, and Feinstein, and an extensive question and answer period that brought in Senators Cornyn, Schumer, Flake, Blumenthal, Tillis, Sessions, Perdue, and Klobuchar. The judiciary committee website link above currently has video of the hearing and written statements by Grassley, Leahy, Colucci, and Cohen. (After watching the video be sure to read the statements, as they are very informative and include content beyond what their authors said in the hearing.) In case the video disappears, I’ve also uploaded my audio recording of the hearing. (Also, see this post for more on the letter from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, which was frequently referenced in the hearing.)

I don’t know whether Senator Grassley came away from this hearing with further clarity on the character and prospects of regional centers, but we definitely get a fascinating view of the thinking and activities going on behind the scenes now at USCIS, at the SEC, and in Congress relative to the RC program. The senators present largely advocated for fixing not nixing (or mending not ending) the program (except for Senator Feinstein, who called for an end and also pressed her odd belief that USCIS and the SEC should specially investigate the victims in a fraud case). The senators expressed general commitment to reform while differing in their diagnosis of the nature and magnitude of problems, and in their visions for what the RC program should be. Perhaps most interesting, the senators drew out Chief Colucci to discuss specific integrity measures and program changes that are already in place and in the pipeline at USCIS, regardless of legislation.

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