September Updates (USCIS input, RFEs, legislation)

A few updates and resources.

USCIS Feedback: This week was the deadline for response to the nice USCIS “EB-5 Question” feedback request. I sent comments, and assisted with the list of questions on behalf of EB-5 investors submitted by AIIA.  

RFE Policy: USCIS today announced another extension to “Flexibility for Responding to Agency Requests.” For notices sent through January 15, 2022, USCIS will consider a response to RFE, NOID, and other notices received within 60 calendar days after the response due date.

IIUSA Forum: IIUSA has announced the schedule and speakers for its Virtual EB-5 Industry Forum November 2-11. Early bird tickets are available until October 1. All prospective and current EB-5 investors and international stakeholders are invited to participate for free, which is a great opportunity. I was just sorry to not see Charles Oppenheim on the schedule for his annual EB-5 update.

Chats with Charlie: Speaking of Charles Oppenheim, he continues to do excellent live chats monthly on the Youtube channel. The October Visa Bulletin chat last week did not directly address any EB-5 questions, but I’ll quote one important point: “Only a certain amount of water can go through a straw regardless of how much water you try to pour down it.” He was talking about the record-breaking number of EB visa numbers to be available in FY2022, and how Consulate and USCIS capacity will naturally constrain how many of those numbers can be issued. EB-5 visa availability for FY2022 is a wonderful 262,288*0.071=18,622, according to the September Visa Bulletin. If only those visas could be issued and reduce backlogs, rather than lost due to legislative delay and limited processing capacity.

Legislation: Two things happened this week that affect timing prospects for EB-5 legislation and reauthorization.

The House passed a Continuing Resolution that defers the deadline for the annual appropriations bill from September 30, 2021 to December 3, 2021. The appropriations bill is one hope as a vehicle for EB-5 legislation, and that particular hope is now deferred to December. (Assuming that the House CR passes, as there’s still some dispute over it, but we’ll know on Monday when the Senate takes it up.) The House and Senate appropriations websites discuss the detail and link to text. The House CR text does not mention EB-5, and does not cover EB-5 by default (as happened in the past) since RC authorization is not coupled with FY2021 appropriations. I do not blame industry for missing a CR opportunity for EB-5 legislation, because Continuing Resolutions are not generally opportunities for special interest items. CRs for the past five years at least have been budget-focused with just a few extra provisions for general-interest high-profile emergencies – as happened again this year. I expect to see the final appropriations bill (which is a large vehicle) a few days before December 3, or else to see another CR in December to defer the deadline into early Spring. (It’s also possible that Congress could finalize an appropriations bill well ahead of deadline — they just haven’t in the five years that I’ve watched the process so far.) Whether Congress will agree to attach something EB-5-related to the appropriations bill or another vehicle remains to be seen, and presumably continues to depend on what’s asked and who’s asking.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ separate attempt to attach immigration legislation to budget reconciliation had a setback, thanks to block by the Senate parliamentarian. The specific “Build Back Better” immigration legislation content was not very helpful for EB-5 (limited to benefit options for adjustment of status plus a visa recapture that couldn’t help much in practice thanks to that capacity straw Oppenheim talks about, and EB-5’s use-it-or-lose-it position for roll-over numbers), but the immigration effort was extremely significant. If passed, it could have cleared the path for EB-5 needs to be addressed. While Democratic leaders are still waiting to resolve the immigration issues that are on-brand and top priority for them and the Biden Administration (DACA, TPS, visa relief for immigrants working in the U.S.), there’s limited chance that they’ll put their weight behind immigration benefits that are not on their talking point list of priorities, including for immigrant investors patiently waiting outside the U.S. We need non-EB-5 immigration relief priorities to be addressed ASAP, because any deferral naturally further defers the chance for political capital spent specifically on EB-5. (For Administration priorities, see the White House blueprint for immigration, and my blog discussing visa relief proposed by the White House-backed U.S. Citizenship Act. The text of the immigration proposal advanced and stalled this month is available on the House Judiciary Committee website under Chairman Nadler Announces Committee Print for Full Committee Markup of Build Back Better Act. Roll Call’s 9/19 article Senate parliamentarian rejects Democrats’ immigration bid provides analysis, including quotes from the cast of Senators on whom we rely for EB-5 legislation. An MSN article from July Republican immigration proposal falls flat gives further background.)

Regional center program authorization and reform legislation should still theoretically have a near-term chance despite the immigration reform setbacks, because EB-5 legislation does not have to be an immigration bill in awkward precedence over stymied immigration priorities. EB-5 legislation can alternatively be an economic development and enforcement issue. But it depends on us, and what we ask for in legislation. We know that EB-5 investors need relief just as much as Dreamers and immigrant workers do, so it’s hard not to ask. If only the Administration’s immigration priority issues can be resolved as soon as possible, so that lawmakers can celebrate that win and move on to consider our benefit. Unless and until that happens, consider how much Congressional leaders can afford to give EB-5 and speak with the media about afterwards, beyond an enforcement-focused reauthorization such as Grassley/Leahy proposed.

Meanwhile, there’s apparently still time to think through EB-5 legislation. I’ve heard rumors and counter-rumors about possibly-finalized bills, was briefly hopeful, and then became the target of some personalized propaganda that gutted and mortified me. But I still have hope, because the EB-5 ecosystem includes good and smart people. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party, apply intelligent scrutiny and honorable pressure, and dilute the forces of myopia and cupidity. I’m particularly looking to regional centers to exert positive influence. The future depends on it.

About Suzanne (
Suzanne Lazicki is a business plan writer, EB-5 expert, and founder of Lucid Professional Writing. Contact me at (626) 660-4030.

103 Responses to September Updates (USCIS input, RFEs, legislation)

  1. Peter says:

    We are Dreamer and Idiot as investor.
    Just because of a greedy lobby. Thanks to EB5IC for blocking all reforms since the past 6 years.

  2. Thengai Mandai says:

    Does anyone in this community know of cases where I-765 and I-131 cases were approved and received between July 1st and today? There’s doesn’t seem to be clear guidance on these forms from USCIS.

    • Ae S says:

      I have heard from my lawyer that people have submitted renewals after July 1st and cases were received fine. However I do not know if USCIS is going to review those cases, or even cases filed before July 1st based on an approved I-526.

      This was posted on USCIS website: “We will continue to accept and review Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status, in the normal course, including those filed on or after July 1, 2021.
      We will begin rejecting all Forms I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, and any associated Forms I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and Forms I-131, Application for Travel Document, based on an approved Regional Center Form I-526.”

      Whether it means “all forms” filed after July 1st or “all forms” at all is a bit unclear. Note that in the list of questions submitted to USCIS by AIIA as Suzanne kindly linked in the article, the alert said “we will continue to accept I-485” on June 30 and changed to “we will reject” a day later.

  3. Peter says:


    Thank you for your article.

    Have you received any news from AAED and EB5IC? Its kind of strange that this two groups are so silent. At least we had an announcement from AAED two days ago. Unfortunately you didnt mention anything about this two lobbies in your latest article.

    The IIUSA forum is canceled for October and set up to a virtual even in November. How we have to understand that movement? What is expecting IIUSA until November?

    In the last video from Pathways EB5 was announced that we should expect a short CR with reauthorization which leads to a final reform in middle of October. AAED has announced such a move also in the last newsletter (2 days ago). Do you have further information about that?

    • The COVID-19 surge is reason enough to cancel an in-person conference in Florida, not to mention the ongoing RC program freeze. IIUSA’s decision on the forum made sense. Re the CR, details often are subject to change until the last minute, complicating prediction. But at this point we’re past the prediction stage and to the outcome stage, with the CR text published Tuesday now past the House and on to the Senate.

  4. Katy B says:

    So sorry to hear that you have been subjected to personal attacks, Suzanne. Rest assured that your blog is highly valued by many, many investors as bringing some semblance of reality and sanity into the turmoil of EB-5 rumour and chaos.

  5. FCL says:

    Hello Suzanne

    Thank you for this post, which is a as usual a very informative summary of what’s going on.

    I also feel sorry you could have been the target of personal attacks, when at the same time you are one the very few authentic supporter of the investors.

    As we already can see it in the telegram group, I fear that we are going to see many more personal attacks by now that investors realize how foolish they have been to believe in a “few weeks lapse” after June 30th, as it was told by the whole industry (RCs and most of lawyers).

    You say you can’t blame the industry for not having being able to link a reauthorization with the CR, but in fact we can blame them a lot by having said so, when at the same time it was quite obvious to understand, as shown in your previous post by seeing the records of what previous CRs looked like, that it was very unlikely.

    I think the whole industry has been very optimistic and/or stupid to think it was possible and to announce it like that. That’s why today most of investors who believed them are so angry as they understand step by step the real situation. “Selling” the September 30 date now appears to have only been a way of keeping investors calm and hopeful, but is going to an end by now.

    Also, I expect the RCs will also understand step by step that even if a reauthorization occurs one day, selling EB5 will be much more difficult as all the existing investors will now do a lot of adverse publicity again the program. So it’s possible that they will just stop fighting anyway. Indeed, as an investor, you cannot recommend to anyone to live what we live with our immigration project unless she or he is your worst enemy.

    If EB5 is not reauthorized in the next omnibus budget bill, we can expect ugly demonstrations of attacks, lawsuits, between investors, USCIS, and RCs. Even investors will likely fight each other between those suing the USCIS and their RCs to have the petitions denied and get their money back, and those who will want to keep a small hope of having the program reauthorized one day..

    • Cecilia says:

      My feelings exactly

    • Messaging is a hard balance. In fact, getting any legislation passed for anything is extremely hard, with questionable probability. With that reality, to be a pessimist observer is easy and also unconstructive, potentially making a hard task even harder. In that environment, being an optimist is very tenuous but also potentially constructive, helping to strengthen any chances. So there isn’t necessarily wrong in advancing or virtue in deconstructing rose-colored hopes. It’s complicated And actually I haven’t been personally attacked, just targeted with comments and information that dismayed me. What a time. If only that future of ugly demonstrations can be averted!

    • Sue says:

      Your observation is exactly right. Eb-5 is now a notorious investment program among Chinese communities. If you go to a Chinese forum, you will see people asking about Eb-5 and discouraging comments as answers.

  6. Cecilia says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Sorry to hear you suffered personal attacks. Your work regarding EB5 is so valuable . I’m afraid most of us are feeling hopeless and betrayed by the whole industry now : RCs , lawyers etc . I personally have discouraged 3 people from ever going down this route if reauthorization ever does happen. Sadly, I just want my money back . My desire to move to what I believed was the best country in the world , is gone. They managed to do that. Kill my American Dream and I thought that was impossible. Sorry for the rant.

    • Veedster says:

      The USA is NOT the best country to live in the world. For that, look a little further North. It is a little secret. It is just below the North Pole. So you cannot miss it. Send your kids to University there, in two years they are eligible to apply for PR. Then work, buy a house, bring family, etc. No additional investment is needed. Oh, by the way, they have Universal Health Care, where you never have to BUY, separate health insurance. Very little gun violence, because guns are NOT allowed.

      The attraction of the USA is that it is a land of opportunity. Period.

    • Indian says:

      Hello I am also a hurt investor like you waiting since 3 years I am thinking of getting back the money.
      many regional centres including the one I have invested say they don’t have a mechanism to refund money,I am thinking to legal action like filing a suit in a court and I want to get Intrested investors like me (and make a pool of investors to file a suit in a federal court) we need to resolve this, the government and the so called industry are misusing investors, every investor like all of us have given a trail of 20 to 30 years for the money ( how the money originated by sale of assets and accumulated savings ect ) we have legally invested the requisite money as prescribed by law which is tax paid in our respective countries USA cannot make laws and break as they want there has to be a answer for this
      I would like to get Intrested investors to make a pool to take the further decisions
      The most important aspect is To thank Suzanne I don’t have words to express how much Suzanne work is appreciable this is the only forum where we at least know what’s happening

      Hope to hear back and make a pool of people to take further actions

      Warm Regards



      • Bunuel says:

        I am glad to see so many EB-5 investors fighting together,
        My case is that I-526 has been approved and transferred to NVC. Unfortunately, the authorization was suspended on 6/30, and the interview was postponed. I hope that there will be good news soon, and everyone will pray and work hard together!

        • Danilo says:

          Hello Bunuel, can you help me with the date your I426 was approved? My application was approved on February 9 of this year but it has not yet been transferred to NVC. It would be very helpful. Thank you

          • Bunuel Yang says:

            Hello,Danilo, I received the I-526 approval notice on February 19 of this year,
            and submit the DS-260 form and pay the fee to the immigration office on July 26,
            and I received NVC notice on September 6 and approved to wait for the interview notice!
            Then on September 6 of the same day, I also received a notice to postpone the interview!
            The above process is for your reference, I hope it will help you!

        • Danilo says:

          Thanks for responding, it is very helpful. Can you tell me if to send the DS-260 form you received a notification from NVC or it should be sent directly without receiving any notification. Sorry but I hope you understand my frustration.

          • Bunuel Yang says:

            I suggest that you contact your lawyer first. In theory, he should help you deliver the DS-260 and pay the fee to USCIS after receiving the approval notice, and then the case will be transferred to the NVC!Don’t be frustrated, you contact the lawyer to help you deal with it, I believe there will be progress soon!

          • Danilo says:

            Thanks again for the tip. I will do so, although lawyers are lazy. It would be good to let me know the progress of your case, I will do it in the same way. Cheers

          • Danilo says:

            the lawyer just tells me to wait and after receiving approval on February 9 of this year I do not receive any communication. it only tells me that I must wait to receive the account creation from NVC, that nothing else can be done and the DS-260 form cannot be submitted just wait. I hope to hear from you soon. It is good to have contact with people who are in the same situation and to know that we are not alone. Best regards

          • Bunuel Yang says:

            First of all, I don’t know what country you are from? Maybe the situation in each country is different. At least in Taiwan, several of our friends have received the payment notice and handed out the DS-260 form about three or four months after the I-526 approval, so I still recommend that you contact your lawyer and ask him to contact USCIS to understand the progress of your case! I hope everything goes well for you!

  7. Z says:

    Can I get a link to join the telegram group?

  8. xiaorouruo says:

    Hello Suzanne, our investors are very supportive of you, and even hope that you can set up an organization, an organization that speaks for investors,
    Today EB5sir said that it got the internal news of iiusa, the two parties did not reach an agreement at all, and even the bill was not submitted to Congress. Then Jeff responded to the TE group that eb5sir’s news was completely wrong. The two parties are currently only waiting for the postponement, and they have already reached an agreement. ! CMB released a video a few days ago. The content is roughly the same as that of JEFF. It is very optimistic about the postponement of October. These are all famous regional centers of EB5. Are they all made videos to deceive investors?
    Do you know whether IIUSA and EB5ic have reached an agreement on the new EB5 bill? (As JEFF said)
    If you don’t reach an agreement, please tell the investors that they have been abused since June 30. Don’t entertain investors anymore. We invest in the United States not for being used as monkeys by you. We are very disappointed in the United States!

  9. CR says:

    I would have to be an evil person to recommend the EB-5 to anyone, knowing what I know today.
    After 7 years, 5 years of those in the US, I am still a fifth class foreigner in this country… maybe the 5 of the EB-5 is for 5th class citizens and I didn’t know when applying for it. 7 years, ladies and gentlemen, with at least 2 more years to go with current processing times… No money back, no permanent green card…
    It truly takes nerves of steel to handle the EB-5 as it greatly impact your livelihood.
    To fellow investors who are new on this nightmare, the truth is there are only two years of real peace. The years of conditional residency.
    Outside this period, you are always in limbo land, flying blind, awaiting for the system to work (and it never does as you would expect… USCIS works in mysterious ways).
    Once your conditional green card expires, you will have to rely on USCIS extension letters or extension stamps, often unknown outside the immigration ecosystem, to prove that you and your dependents are legal residents in the country. Applying for jobs, mortgage or rent, college for your kids, it all becomes a herculean effort. Ah, and don’t get me started on the process to get the extension stamps… having had your own interactions with USCIS, you can’t certainly imagine by now.
    To not grandfathering all I-526 petitions made until 06/30 would be a typical measure of a Banana Republic. I am appalled that we even have to fear for that as this is really the bear minimum to validate this country as a serious and legally sound one… but, unfortunately, we are where we are… Congress and regional centers brought us here.
    Once grandfathering is granted, in my humble opinion, new petitions could only be accepted again when the USCIS processed at least 2 thirds of the current petitions, in order to ensure the integrity of the program. As much as we know that investments are necessary for the economy, especially in times of crisis, continuing to sell projects without delivering on the promise of permanent residency is fraud. Not selling indirect projects for 2 years would be good for the regional center industry in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. They don’t deserve better.

    • Peter says:


      Thank you for your statement. I hope really that the right people are reading your statement. And trying to balance business and fairness.

      Just to be positiv: I have still the hope it continues in few days.

      @Suzanne: Big hug!

  10. Yang Zhao says:

    We investors do appreciate your blogs. They are the most valuable information in the industry.

    What is worse, the pending and delay processing of 485 based I765 & I131 applications/renewals at USCIS leads to thousands of families being desperately separated in different countries since Mar 2020.

    These families used to have faith in the US. They were willing to take the risk and devote their wealth to help creating new jobs in the US. However, after their faith repeatedly being trick by the industry, the EB5 has lost its precious credit.

    The industry leaders are losing their personal credits too. History will record their drama forever.

    • Peter says:

      We have 5 days. They can prove us wrong. Its ok to judge them for the game. But i am counting the days now.

      Jeff Campion, EB5IC, and AAED can show us now that they are the best players and in our interest.

      About IIUSA, we shouldnt say anything for now. Maybe they are just busy with their ecosystem 😉

      EB5IC and AAED: Fight for the business, we count on you.

      • Indian says:

        Peter thanks for all the information I really appreciate it I am pasting my earlier message again as I think I you can really help


        Copied message below

        Hello I am also a hurt investor like you waiting since 3 years I am thinking of getting back the money.
        many regional centres including the one I have invested say they don’t have a mechanism to refund money,I am thinking to legal action like filing a suit in a court and I want to get Intrested investors like me (and make a pool of investors to file a suit in a federal court) we need to resolve this, the government and the so called industry are misusing investors, every investor like all of us have given a trail of 20 to 30 years for the money ( how the money originated by sale of assets and accumulated savings ect ) we have legally invested the requisite money as prescribed by law which is tax paid in our respective countries USA cannot make laws and break as they want there has to be a answer for this
        I would like to get Intrested investors to make a pool to take the further decisions
        The most important aspect is To thank Suzanne I don’t have words to express how much Suzanne work is appreciable this is the only forum where we at least know what’s happening

        Hope to hear back and make a pool of people to take further actions

        Warm Regards



      • Yang Zhao says:

        Hope your wish can come true within the next five days. My expectation has been postponed to 930 next year… Good me luck.

      • baklol says:

        Jeff has already said nothing happening till Dec. Good to be optimistic but better to be realist.

  11. Peter says:

    Min. 12-15: current status reauthorization at the hill
    From min 15: new investment amount TEA $700K

    It confirms something is coming. Its matching to the statements from EB5IC and AAED.

    • Yang Zhao says:

      EB5sir said yesterday “there is no consensus yet (EB5IC requests TEA 750K/ non-TEA 850K)”. EB5sir is the biggest Chinese EB5 blogger who gets information from AAED.

      • Peter says:

        Thank you for this info and new WeChat group.

        At least they reported this:

        …the two parties are deadlocked in the debt ceiling, and the EB-5 extension is expected to be in mid-October…

        This is what EB5IC, Pathways EB5 Jeff Campion, said at tge beginning of September. Getting a short term reauthorization and a final new reform bill middle of October. This matched with the latest news from AAED as well.

        Lets count together the 5 days. Its not next year. Be optimistic, they all have eaten the apples and they are addicted now. Its like high fructos corn syrup + maltodextrin together. It feels good and you never wont stop 😉 So they need a solution.

        • Yang Zhao says:

          Peter, thank you for the positive view – and it is important. The truth is, I and many EB5 investors are so depressed by this horrible drama. Even the EB5 gets reauthorized in the near future, I won’t encourage anyone to get in this trap.

          • Indian says:

            I have already spoken to many in india and honestly we should educate new investors of this drama

            Thanks 🙏🏼

        • FCL says:

          If only you could be right… But I am very doubtful. I owe you a beer if this si reauthorized on 10/15.

  12. Z says:

    I see several pleas going unheard here, Suzanne. What I do know and am sure about is each and every investor is in dismay! I want all our voices to be hear in bold all caps. Is there a way for our voices to get amplified? Perhaps we can all get together and sign a petition or something? Seriously, anything that can get the ball rolling. Each and every investor is of influence, even if it means reaching offices or spamming offices or senators or congressman with letters.

    • Katy B says:

      Spamming congressional offices does not work. Many immigration organisations try this and it gets them nowhere. We need professional lobbying if we really want to make a difference. The only organisation that I know of who can do this purely in the interests of investors is AIIA. Would be delighted to hear of others but until then I’d recommend all investors great behind AIIA

      • Peter says:

        @ Katy

        Again your organization is trying to get new members for a member fee.

        Some questions:
        1) Since how many years are you sitting with the lawmakers together?
        2) Are your currently involved in the negotiations?
        3) Are you physically sitting with all other lobbies and the lawmakers together?
        4) Why do you believe that you can be equal partner within a billion dollar industry (ecosystem) after decades?

        I discouraging anybody to join any further lobby and to spend a penny.

        I want to say: Thank you to all, for all comments and I hope for now, that people and organizations like:

        @ Aaron Grau, IIUSA
        @ Jeff Campion, EB5IC
        @ Ronald Klasko, AAED
        @ CMB

        have followed this blog and read all comments. I know some of you did it and gave a comment as well.

        Please help us and understand that nobody can give any recommendation about an EB5 investment under the current situation!

        Be happy that you dont have an Amazon review system, but believe us… the propaganda can destroy this business faster than it was set up. I am sure its not in interest for anyone but you can not avoid it forever. We have 2021 and we are all connected, horrible for a business.

        @ all further investors
        Please tell us more about your feelings and experience, make this blog to an important instrument right now. Thank you

        PS: I know the Chinese culture very well for many years (love GZ, loved to live there for a decade), to say that all is a drama and to be depressed as a Chinese (see above comment) means that you have reached the limit of trust. Its nothing to be proud on! Nobody will give a recommendation for any Yuan. Think about it. The majority of the investors are from China. Second from India. We all need each other.

        • Peter, let me me be the one to police what gets posted on my blog. First, that EB-5 telegram group (a discussion group whose link someone requested) is not the same as the advocacy group AIIA. Second, I am happy for any mention of AIIA because I wish it every success, and myself encourage people to get involved and donate, as I have myself. From my perspective, EB-5 investors need more formal organization and political guidance and representation, and AIIA is one effort to do that. If other investor-led organizations come to my attention I’ll promote them too. I’ve known a few of the people involved in AIIA for years, but never been on calls with Congressional staff with them until the organization was formed and made that possible. I’ve also watched IIUSA since near its inception, and seen how member growth and fundraising changed what IIUSA was able to accomplish. I encourage people to spend pennies, if they want their interests advanced. And I definitely do not propose this blog comments section as an important venue for investors to organize and communicate. It’s not well designed for that, comments aired in this little corner do not get a wide hearing, and I’m the only one here to manage it, with no compensation. I’d rather not have my free labor offered as an alternative to spending money to support an actual advocacy group 🙂 I hope that everyone will put their effort and resources where they will make a difference.

          And yes, your point well taken about the urgency for RC program authorization, so that reputational damage will not continue to compound.

  13. Bunuel Yang says:

    I am glad to see so many EB-5 investors fighting together,
    My case is that I-526 has been approved and transferred to NVC. Unfortunately, the authorization was suspended on 6/30, and the interview was postponed. I hope that there will be good news soon, and everyone will pray and work hard together!

  14. Desi_in_the_queue says:

    Hi Cecilia, I can only sympathize with you and Suzanne.
    Even I was recently attacked by someone who I believe is a regional center supporters for praising the direct investment option.
    I can understand your feelings when you advised others to avoid regional centers, and even we chose to go with direct investments after we we read about the terrible experiences of regional center category EB5 visa investors online.
    I can only agree with the others who believe that this entire mess is basically the fault of the regional centers who acted in an irresponsible manner and caused immeasurable harm to thousands of families.

    • veedster says:

      The ills of Direct EB-5 are detailed precisely in the video clip above from Peter. I am just reposting it from YOutube.

      It is NOT just the lowly $500K investment. When bills add up it will be well over $1 million and you might just not get your green card either. It is no cakewalk. Either you start a business for the sake of business ( which I assume you are good at, be it an auto shop, motel, laundromat, or bakery) NOT for a green card. if you mingle these tow together,, you will be dealing with a conundrum, for which there are no simple answers.

      Watch that video. It is a real eye-opener.

      • Desi_in_the_queue says:

        I will leave it to fellow investors to judge whether to trust the biased opinion of RC marketers, or the experience of an actual investor.
        Before we settled on our service provider, we also looked at a few pooled EB5 direct projects too, but didn’t feel comfortable about them, so we chose to do a straight direct investment category petition where we completely owned and controlled our own business.

        I’ll respectfully disagree with anyone wants to scare off investors by insinuating that we might not get our green cards under direct investment category, because we didn’t just take the word of anyone, we independently consulted with a board certified immigration lawyer to confirm that there’s actually a lower risk with direct investment as opposed to RC category. So far, we have no reason to complain about direct investment category because our experience has been great.

        Anyway, in a nutshell, here’s a summary of my experience with Direct Investment category, and the pros and cons.

        Veedster is right though, we are in business to earn money, and the immigration benefits are basically a bonus for us, and that’s what we were told by others too.

        Cons: We have to be actively involved in operating a business, and that takes up about 45-60 hours of my time every week, depending on the time of the year.

        We are running our own business, and the returns are a lot better than we could earn with regional centers. I’m able to comfortably support my family with our business income.
        When we first spoke with the firm we use, they recommended several options, and we made the business choice based on their advice and our comfort level.
        We anyway needed over ten employees from the very beginning, so we aren’t worried about meeting the job creation requirements.
        We started getting positive cash flow from the fourth month, and didn’t bleed too much red ink in the first 3 months, because they got us a sweet deal on our lease.
        There’s no risk of capital loss due to fraud, no risk of petition denial as the Direct Investment category is permanent, and we don’t have to worry about running around to recover our capital.
        With our own business, we have full control, so no need to worry about conflict of interest.

        Speaking from personal experience, I’d respectfully disagree with anyone who’s trying to scare off investors from Direct Investment Category, as I’ve found the risks are a lot lower in direct investment category.
        The number one reason I’d recommend direct investment category is that it’s permanent and that makes it risk free as far as visa approvals go.


        • This sounds rather like advertisement for “the firm we use” which seems to have been unusually successful, but I’ll let it go this time 🙂 I would clarify that a self-managed business is unusual for direct EB-5, since most investors do not have the luxury to be present in the U.S. to launch and operate the business in the years it takes to wait for the EB-5 visa. In nearly all the direct EB-5 deals that I’ve worked with over the years, the EB-5 investor has a relatively passive role in a business primarily owned and controlled by an entrepreneur in the U.S. That structure is a practical necessity in most cases, but means that direct deals need just as much due diligence and involve as much investment risk as regional center deals. The immigration risk is much less for direct deals in the sense that direct EB-5 does not need reauthorization as the RC program does, and somewhat more in the sense that compliance with the investment and job creation requirements is tougher in the direct context.

      • techie2aggie says:

        CMB video is biased obviously. Ask Kyler James what happend to Group 62 Project. It is a failed project. Investors have already lost $320K of 500K capital. I am not saying Direct is better or easier but just emphasizing that risk is there in anything and everything in EB5 space.

  15. CR says:

    If only everyone in the industry knew EB-5 like you and, even more importantly, had your work ethics and principles, Suzanne… We certainly wouldn’t be in the situation we are in.
    I follow this blog for 7 years and it has always been a democratic space. You have never shown favoritism or partiality. On the contrary, you have always treated everyone: direct and indirect investors, clients and non-clients, donors and non-donors, with the same kindness, courtesy and respect. By the way, and if you did have your bias, you wouldn’t be doing anything wrong since this space is part of your business.
    It boggles my mind to see people taking this for granted and I am extremely sorry for the attacks you have received and the latest exchanges in the blog.
    Unfortunately, it is hard not to associate them to the nefarious impact of the program’s lapse on the investment community.
    You can see that we are now fighting among ourselves, being judgmental about what is posted, being suspicious about legitimate advocacy groups representing investors (for the first time in 30 years), defending our personal choices (direct or indirect), when we know that both exist to serve different audiences, and that both have their risks, advantages and disadvantages, and that therefore there is no right or wrong, it is just a personal decision at the end.
    Despite being an optimist by nature, I don’t think the reauthorization will take place in October. I think of December as the best scenario.
    Let’s tighten our belts, because the spirits tend to get even more out of control.

  16. G says:

    The EB-5 program mishaps bring memories of Canada axing its Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) in 2014 admitting Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) had no resources to manage a 65,000-strong backlog, which was also driven by an unexpectedly strong demand from a growing class of Chinese HNWs. Those aspiring alien investors had not been required to deploy funds before filing their immigrant petitions though. USCIS as well has gargantuan processing issues when distilling all that complicated stuff behind RCs setup, marketing and operations, TEA definitions, complicated job creation accounting and elements of money laundering forensic accounting behind the investors’ source of funds. I’m afraid, intrinsically USCIS would be happy to have the EB-5 RC program terminated due to its immence operating complexity and this fact is a huge elefant in the room.

    • veedster says:

      Canadian experience is EXACTLY what USCIS is trying to avoid. So be rest assured, that it won’t happen. EB-5 will be alive and well long into the future. This is a huge cash cow for the US economy and jobs.

  17. veedster says:

    Thank you, Peter. It talks about distributing the unused employment-based Visas, but not necessarily the EB-5 category. Am I right?

  18. baklol says:

    Well said Suzanne. Now Peter can you shut your mouth about AIIA . Thank you.

    • Peter says:

      Be friendly. One more confirmation that someone, as you, has other intensions. Anyway, learn to handle from critics and accept the truths from customers (investors). Investors are real humans.

  19. Jay says:

    ba·nan·a re·pub·lic – A small nation, especially in Central America, dependent on one crop or the influx of foreign capital.
    USA is not ‘small’ and not a part of Central America, but is definitely cruising to become member of crooked nations. US Politicians are shamelessly ignorant of investors plight and they have shown no empathy towards them. Yes, while investing all investors were made aware about ‘financial’ risks but to yank the program midway using legislative tools without protecting existing population is nothing but ‘Fraud’ and ‘Unethical’. Personally, I have lost all respect for this great state and all I desire is to get my investment $$ and never to have any sort of dealings with this ‘Fraud’ nation again. Yes, I am frustrated and I am a dumb Investor who sees no benefit whatsoever from this program anymore. This country is both ‘morally’ and ‘financially’ bankrupt.

    • Veedster says:

      Being this frustrated is bad for your health. Take a breather. Inhale lustfully. Believe.

      • Jay says:

        It is easy for you to say when you don’t have substantial savings literally held at ransom …In today’s fast moving world, waiting for ‘n’ years and not knowing when your project will come to fruition is nothing but suicide of your career. This is exactly the problem with this program…Vested interest still trying to make money from gullible investors.
        I don’t think your are qualified enough to give me health advise, so let investors vent their anger.

        • veedster says:

          Oh my! Breath!

          • veedster says:

            If you knew you had no substantial savings AFTER taking this EB-5 gamble, you shouldn’t have in the first place. This is money at risk. (BTW, that is one of the conditions.)

          • This is the way to pour oil on the fire. If lacking something helpful to say, do not say anything at all, to quote my mother.

          • Jay says:

            I bet you don’t know the difference between ‘Breath’ & ‘Breathe’. Secondly, I never said I do not have savings after my lousy investment into EB5. You are not a investor so you would not know how it feels to be taken advantage of. Most of the investors are in similar situation and can relate to what I am talking about. Since EB5 community never made any noise and suffered in silence, it has been abused by both US government and by greedy RC. I think it’s time to remove the façade of niceties and level the playing fields against both US government by taking the legal route and spreading the word against RC’s by not investing or not recommending EB5 as a quick/sure way to gain coveted greencard.
            Thank you Suzanne for your amazing work and RESPECT.

  20. Mukesh Dave says:

    It is criminal to let this happen to the investors. I don’t know how to go about penalizing those responsible for this .

  21. veedster says:

    All I am saying is, being frustrated AFTER having spent the money is NOT helpful to anyone. I think we all should just take a step back and let this thing play out and I believe something good will come out of this. At least now we all know who the players are and how this is being played. Many people and things have been exposed to all of us, thanks to your website. They better take note of that. They just can’t paint rosy pictures and play good cop bad cop anymore. They took the money. Now thy better act and deliver.

  22. veedster says:

    How do YOU know whether I am an Investor or not? Did you see it anywhere or did USCIS tell you that? I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. I have patience.

    • veedster says:

      Thank you, CR. See! things are in the works! Slowly but surely wheels are turning. Patience brethren, patience.

    • Taklu says:

      Thanks to Mr Jeff we are in this crappy situation. He just cares out about future investors. If he really cared about current investors, he should have shared with other industry stakeholders aka investors aka AIIA.

      • CR says:

        Can’t say he didn’t (I don’t know what I don’t know) but I fully agree with your point of view in case he hasn’t.
        If confidentiality was an issue, they could have asked AIIA to sign a NDA.

  23. Tony says:

    A newsfeed from President of CanAm:
    September 24, 2021

    Dear Limited Partner:

    First and foremost, we wish to thank you for your patience this summer. We, alongside all of you, have been awaiting definitive news on the reauthorization of the EB-5 Program. We are nearing September 30th, the deadline for the current federal budget and the anticipated extension of the Continuing Resolution that would carry, among other key legislation, a long-term reauthorization of the EB-5 Program. As this letter explains, it’s anticipated to be reauthorized on December 3rd.

    We can confirm that leading EB-5 industry groups have been in active discussions with key members of Congress and other advocates of the EB-5 Program over the past three months to ensure that EB-5 legislation would be included in the Continuing Resolution to be voted on before September 30th. As you are aware, every year Congress needs to pass legislation setting the budget for the federal government. As it is a “must-pass” piece of legislation, Congress uses it as a vehicle to attach other pieces of legislation they want passed. Although Congress was in recess most of August, upon reconvening on September 9th, Senate Leadership asked for a line item to the Continuing Resolution to ensure a placeholder for legislation that would allow for EB-5 reauthorization. This means that the rest of Congress has been informed that they should expect EB-5 legislation to be an amendment to the Continuing Resolution. In addition, draft language of the amendment to reauthorize the EB-5 Program was provided to key members of Congress on Wednesday, September 15th. While we expect that, as with all legislative text, the draft would be materially revised before being formally attached to the Continuing Resolution for a vote, we were optimistic that certain key provisions that would protect our EB-5 investors had made it into the draft. Therefore, as of last week, we felt the necessary steps towards obtaining long-term reauthorization of the EB-5 Program as well as enhancements that will serve all EB-5 stakeholders and address long-standing reform requested by Congress by September 30th, were being taken.
    Over the weekend, Congressional leadership made the strategic decision that legislation to increase the federal debt ceiling should not be voted on as a stand-alone bill but instead, be attached to the Continuing Resolution to ensure its approval. Furthermore, only critical humanitarian amendments, namely, disaster relief to help pay for the severe damage caused by Hurricane Ida and the wildfires on the West Coast and funding necessary to help settle Afghan refugees who were recently airlifted to the United States, would be included on the Continuing Resolution. Unfortunately, because of the extensive media exposure of such a strategy, all other legislation originally intended to be attached to the Continuing Resolution, including the one that would allow for EB-5 reauthorization, will have to wait until December 3rd, when the Continuing Resolution is up for another extension. The House bill reflecting this last-minute change was approved on Monday, and is expected to be voted on by the Senate shortly.

    While we are very disappointed that we will have to wait a bit longer for the EB-5 Program to be reauthorized, we do understand the political gamesmanship which has forced a delay until December 3rd. We are reassured that both EB-5 industry stakeholder groups as well as key members of Congress have been working together to ensure that a long-term reauthorization and Program reform is part of the final Continuing Resolution for the remainder of the federal fiscal year, and we all know we must immediately turn to refining the legislative draft so that it is in good form before December 3rd.

    We will continue to advocate for a long-term extension of the EB-5 Program on all fronts. Our number one priority has always been, and will remain, to serve our investors and help them fulfill their immigration and financial goals. We will be happy to share any news regarding the EB-5 Program as soon as it becomes available. Should you have any questions, please contact our Investor Relations Department at


    Tom Rosenfeld
    President & CEO
    CanAm Enterprises

    • fCL says:

      Very strange to see how these guys – american finance executives supposed to be very well informed – could be wrong about the continuing resolution. I am a lonely french invesor following the US congress by tweeter posts, and I already knew, the day they released their statement, that the democrats’ CR including the lift of the debt ceiling would fail in Senate. Which means that no one knows at the time of this post what will really be the deadline of the future CR (without debt ceiling) which will probably be voted in the next days on a bipartisan basis. The vote will probably take place next week after a short shutdown this week end, and many people say it will be only a short term CR through 10/15. Of course I don’t know, but the fact that I have better insights of what’s going on than these guys is a problem ! No wonder if they did not succed in avoiding the shutdown of EB-5…

  24. Jay says:

    EB5 process was suppose to be a symbiotic relation between US government and Investors wherein one party was benefitted by influx of foreign funds to aid economic and social activity and other party was set to gain immigration benefit in return. Somehow this relationship transformed into parasitic where immigration benefits were forfeited and US government still maintains a position where it can extract maximum economic benefit. Freaky nature of this partnership which boggles my mind is that midway through this exercise, US government has decided to change the rules of the game and poor investors have no recourse available to make corrective actions. Ideally if the program is not working as intended, you would want to process all existing applications as per the existing rules and for future population either terminate the program or implement new set of rules. Lawmakers are suffering from intense hydrocephalus and are blinded by greed to retain their seat and have completely done away with their responsibility. No one is talking about this absurd bullying practice and we are busy blaming each other. So this game continues from June 30 to Sep 30 to Dec 03 to…..infinity. Please educate all potential EB5 investors to stay away from this mess and do not waste precious time and resource into this Tom & Jerry game.

    • Also, it’s important to educate members of Congress about the fact that regional center program expiration forfeits immigration benefits for past investors going back to 2015. Many lawmakers are blinded simply by ignorance of this fact, and would want to prevent an embarrassing default by the government if they realized the issue. I’ve listened in on calls with Congressional staffers who were warmly disposed to EB-5 and the RC program, but had no idea until informed about the retroactive impact of RC program expiration, and how many people are impacted. This education is why EB-5 investors need a lobbyist working for them.

      • Veedster says:

        Suzanne, with all due respect why do we have to form lobby groups, when it is the job of the EB-5 operators, who collected the money., to advise the ignorant politicians of the ramifications of their actions? Doesn’t that tantamount to a donkey doing the job of the dog? Get me, I’m not against lobby groups.

  25. CR says:

    At this point, it seems increasingly clear that reauthorization has been pushed to December.
    The feeling today is that we will never be able to escape this torture called EB-5.
    I feel the least we can do, as decent human beings, is to help other unawares NOT TO consider indirect EB-5 as a real immigration opportunity, rather the perfect recipe for loosing livelihood.
    To that extent, it is necessary to take advantage of any and every opportunity to alert potential investors, counterattacking all advertising from regional centers with our real experiences. Just sharing the plain truth through social media, industry webinars, etc.
    If they were a serious industry, they wouldn’t have brought us here. They would have used part of our fees to educate members of the Congress (although I fully agree that AIIA can represent investors much better and I strongly encourage every investor to support their work). If they were a serious industry, their top priority should be to ensure that investors by 6/30/2021 will be grandfathered. If they were a serious industry, they would be leveraging their governmental network as to ensure that USCIS Immigrant Investor Program Office works to a minimum level of conformance. There is no greater integrity than delivering what is already petitioned and paid for.
    The truth of the matter is that they want it reauthorized, and with lower investment values, just to be able to sell more. Once the sale is made, they don’t really care if you get what you have been promised or not.

  26. VK says:

    Message received today

    To Investors in All CIF Affiliated Companies:

    The purpose of this communication is to advise you of the status of the EB-5 program’s pending reauthorization and Team CIF’s best estimate as to when we expect that to occur. Team CIF will also comment on what we have been informed as to how USCIS will continue to treat applications and pending petitions during this period.

    Since the program lapsed after June 30, 2021 the EB-5 industry and its supporters in Congress have worked to come to potential agreement on the terms for a reauthorization of the EB-5 program that Congress can pass and the President can sign into the law. That has now occurred with full industry group support for language that is with Congress for inclusion in future legislation.

    One of these industry organizations is the American Immigrant Investor Alliance (“AIIA”), a relatively new group, that is advancing the specific interests of EB-5 investors as it relates to reauthorization and USCIS’s administration of the program. AIIA has been particularly helpful in putting forward and getting other industry groups to support a portion of the reauthorization package referred to as the Foreign Investor Fairness Protection Act (“FIFP”). FIFP would specifically protect all current EB-5 investors by requiring and making clear that all current applications and pending petitions be processed by USCIS on the basis of the law and regulations in place at the time they were submitted.

    As to timing at this point: while the initial target was to have consensus, language included as part of budget legislation that needs to pass Congress prior to the beginning of the Federal Government’s new fiscal year, starting October 1, that will not happen. This is not due, however, to issues with EB-5. Rather Congress has not agreed to all parts of next year’s budget for what is referred as “Budget Reconciliation.” So most likely this week Congress will pass what is called a “Continuing Resolution,” which will approve funding for the Federal Government through the first part of the new fiscal year. Such temporary measures rarely include other legislative matters, which is what EB-5 reauthorization is considered. Congress will ultimately need to come to a final agreement on the budget and as such they are targeting December 3rd as the date to achieve that. It is when Budget Reconciliation is prepared to pass Congress that we anticipate the EB-5 language that has been agreed to by the EB-5 industry and Congressional leaders to be added to the legislation. Once finalized, this language will hold the possibility for a long-term reauthorization and inclusion of the FIFP, as an additional protection to EB-5 investors against any future lapse to the program.

    As you will note, Team CIF remains confident of reauthorization and while it is clear that until reauthorization happens USCIS will not process I-526 petitions or I-485 applications in connection with EB-5, it is also clear that USCIS does not intend to deny existing petitions or applications given the strong possibility of action by Congress later this year. USCIS also continues to accept applications and adjudicate pending I-829 petitions. Team CIF trusts that this information is helpful and encouraging. As always Team CIF is prepared to address your questions on this matter. As to the specifics of an individual investor’s status it is best, however, to present those questions to your immigration attorney.

    Kind Regards,


    • veedster says:

      Thank you VK for this very informative piece. It also points out the role of AIIA and their effort to get FIFP. Suzanne is right.

  27. EB5swordsmen says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I was amazed by your blog suddenly get a lot of popularity and flood with angry and disappointed investors. As I said earlier, the point of collapse is right here, you can feel it through the comments. Rumors and chaos in Wechat groups and telegram everyday.
    Hopefully, you will make your mind rest a little after reading all the comments.

  28. C says:

    September 29, 2021

    Dear CMB Limited Partner:

    We at CMB extend our hopes and prayers that each and every one of you are remaining safe and healthy during this devastating global pandemic. We also thank you for expressing your confidence in CMB by investing in our EB-5 partnerships. As you all know, this global pandemic has certainly disrupted many of the business norms we had come to know. Rest assured, CMB continues to work with its regional center borrowers/projects to ensure your success in the years to come.

    We expected the EB-5 program to be renewed as it has been in the past, and as you know the renewal of the EB-5 program was decoupled from the yearly “must pass” legislation to fund the government for the 2021 fiscal year. At that time, EB-5renewal was set for June 30th. Unfortunately, the EB-5 program failed to achieve renewal before the June 30th deadline and thus the program lapsed.

    Leading up to that June 30 deadline, a tremendous amount of effort and work was expended by the various stakeholder groups to formulate a reauthorization and reform EB-5 bill. Those efforts, including those of CMB’s, culminated in the Grassley/Leahy bill making it all the way to the Senate floor for a unanimous consent vote. Unfortunately, opponents to the bill blocked its passage and the unfortunate result was the program did not achieve reauthorization.

    This has been the issue for over 10 years. Certain stakeholder groups have specific agendas and each pushes their specific points of view and the result is always the same: no long term reauthorization of the program and no progress on the much-needed integrity reforms.

    Since the lapse of the EB-5 program, the USCIS has stated they will hold petitions in abeyance. The various stakeholder groups went back to work to try to achieve industry consensus on a reform/reauthorization EB-5 bill. This work continues to this day and I can say it appears the leading stakeholders –IIUSA, EB5IC, Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate Roundtable, Rural Alliance and others –have agreed to language in a new EB-5 reauthorization bill. However, industry consensus is not enough. There must be political support for the language in this proposed bill. Although the stakeholders have agreed in principle this does not mean the various politicians will agree. There is some progress to such political support. Senate leadership has apparently reserved a “line item” to the continuing resolution as a placeholder for the eventual final language of the EB-5 legislation and last week key members of Congress were provided the language negotiated in the proposed legislation. That said, hard work lies ahead to assure program reauthorization.

    This week begins what some have described as “hell week” in the US government. The US political parties are at odds with each other and also within their own parties as to “must pass” legislation such as funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. As foreign nationals looking in from the outside this must appear dysfunctional and I would agree that it is dysfunctional.

    What we know is the government must be funded by September 30th or a government shutdown will occur. As in the past, a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government has been drafted that will expire December 3rd. There will be very limited amendments attached to this must pass legislation to avoid added political debate that could derail its passage and result in a shutdown. The amendments to this continuing resolution will apparently only include humanitarian amendments such as disaster relief (hurricane Ida), wildfires in the western US, and Afghan refugee relief. Regrettably, EB-5 reauthorization will not be included on this continuing resolution.

    We are hopeful Washington will do its job and get back to the business of taking care of the American people. We are disappointed that our legislation will not be on this short-term continuing resolution. We remain hopeful and have been assured by many members of Congress and key Washington and EB-5 stakeholder groups that a long term reauthorization and reform of the EB-5 regional center program will be part of a future continuing resolution or a final appropriations bill to fund the federal government into next year.

    As we continue to push hard on this EB-5 program reauthorization, I am positive the legislation will continue to evolve as we receive feedback from lawmakers. It is incumbent upon all of us who have been working on the language in the EB-5 legislation to continue to work together with the politicians to refine the language in the legislative draft so that it is acceptable and ready for inclusion on a December 3rd continuing resolution or final appropriations legislation. I, personally as a board member of IIUSA and CEO of CMB, and members of the CMB staff will continue to advocate and advance the reform/reauthorization and long-term extension of the EB-5 program.

    A last word of caution. There are many who have zero at stake in the EB-5 process that spread false rumors about EB-5 or particular projects, regional centers or other stakeholders. Be cautious where you receive your information as there are many lies that exist about this process. Every CMB Limited Partner can find up to date information about their particular partnership through their Sharefile account. Although chat groups can be a way to find information, much of what is discussed may not be based in fact. We urge you to come to the source for factual information on CMB through our website and your Sharefile account.

    Lastly thank you for trusting CMB to help you achieve the ultimate goal of achieving your permanent residency in the United States.


    Patrick F. Hogan
    CEO CMB Regional Centers

    • Peter says:

      Trying to keep information on their own website.
      Trying to blame other people.

      Bad bad bad. The truth is out right here. We as investors dont need to hide our experience. We need to educate others – except the lawmakers!

      There are no misunderstandings anymore. We understand your ecosystem.

      Now are the Regional Centers in fear.

  29. Vikram says:

    I can’t believe this is happening. Even on the 29th, it doesn’t seem anything will pass

    With that said, are there implications to those who have either already had their visa processed and have entered the country, or those who have finished their 2 year requirements and are waiting on i829? I would love some reassurance to that fact, as it’s easy to think everyone is jeopardize given the uncertainty involved

  30. Peter says:

    Reauthorization by December 3?

    Dont get fooled.

    According to the lobby a CR can not have a EB-5 reauthorization. And this they didnt know before?

    So if in December is not coming an approtiation bill but another CR, then no EB-5 reauthorization. Next CR in spring, next in summer and then we are again in September 2022 with another CR?

    So, how much time we need to give the regional center to bring our investment into a safe harbour. Maybe we should freeze the assets until its clear for everyone. We got fooled and need to fight back.

    Dont forget the congress can pass a bill by an unanonimous vote. So for what are we waiting for?
    Excuse over excuse over excuse? Or hope over hope over hope?

  31. veedster says:

    Yes I think you read the letter from CMB “operator” . trying to pass the buck. “it is not us, it is them.” ‘Long term reautohorization in FUTURE CR “. yea, in a decade or is it two? Right now, tempers are running hot among some investors as you can see from some of the extreme comments.They better put down their Bourbon and Caviar and get to work……deliver fast!

  32. Harun Kazim says:

    Your remark is just perfect. Eb-5 is currently a well-known Chinese investment scheme. You’ll notice individuals who inquire about Eb-5 and dislike remarks as responses if you are going to a chines forum.

  33. Fabiano Mattos says:

    So frustrating

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