FY2016 EB-5 Visas Stats by Country

The US State Department Report of the Visa Office 2016 has been updated with Table V (Part 3), which gives a breakdown of all EB visas issued by country in fiscal year 2016. I’ve updated my chart with the EB-5 visa numbers. I’m interested to note the growing number of visas based on direct EB-5 investment (8.5% of the total visas versus 1.6% the previous year), the distribution of TEA investments (99.9% of regional center investments but 68% of direct investments), the growing number of visas going to investors from outside mainland China (24% versus 17% the previous year), and the growing national diversity of EB-5 investors. South Korea and Brazil each claimed over a hundred more EB-5 visas in FY16 than FY15, and five new countries entered the list of those with more than 20 visas each: Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Singapore, and Italy. Considering processing times and the visa backlog, these trends likely reflect EB-5 investments made/I-526 petitions filed in 2014 and earlier. (UPDATE: IIUSA has data on I-526 filings by country in 2016, and you can see additional detail in my post on Q3 2017 petition filings.)

Edit: updated link https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/AnnualReports/FY2016AnnualReport/FY16AnnualReport-TableV-Part3.pdf
For reference, here are links to my posts with summary charts of 2014 visa numbers by country and 2015 visa numbers by country.

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8 Responses to FY2016 EB-5 Visas Stats by Country

  1. Please review the case processing times shown on the USCIS site today. Specifically in the IPO office, the I-924 processing time now shows the year as 2016?. Last week it was 2015?

  2. kevin says:

    hopefully they made the year wrong on I829 too….

  3. Marigotus says:

    Suzanne, Columbia are cities or geographies in the US and Canada. If you refer to the South American country, then is Colombia. 🙂

  4. Jessica says:

    Brazil up from 34 to 150 . How come only increase 124%? Is that correct? Should be 4 times more.

  5. P K says:

    Hi Suzanne – thanks for all the work on this….that said , can you fix the link just below graphic that looks like it should go to Gov Table V (Part 3)…comes back to this graphic. Cheers

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