CSC processing times 3/14

USCIS has posted CSC processing times  as of 3/14. According to this report, the California Service Center is currently processing 1-526 petitions filed 8/31/2010 and I-485 petitions filed 7/16/2010. The I-829 petition still has an estimated processing time of six months.

I recently spoke with two RC applicants who heard back from USCIS in February. One got approval for a new RC proposal filed in October 2010; another got an RFE on a proposal filed in July 2010. USCIS says that it processes petitions in the order they are received, but apparently the length of the processing time can vary widely. Another reason to make your proposal just as clear and tight as possible so that it’s easy for USCIS to review.


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3 Responses to CSC processing times 3/14

  1. In case you were curious about what adjudicators do in the time they spend not adjudicating, here is a hint, from posters hanging in the USCIS training room at the California Service Center.

  2. uscisform says:

    Filing an application or petition with USCIS can seem like an overwhelming task. Applicants are well advised to do their homework ahead of time. Avoiding common mistakes and oversights can save a lot of time and anxiety while the petition or application is pending with USCIS.

    • I certainly agree with you. I have seen first-hand how quickly well-prepared applications can be approved, and also seen examples of petitions that made me think no wonder the adjudicators get confused and bogged down.

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